Miloš Karadaglić

Blog dedicated to the Montenegrin classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic.

As a classical guitarist, Milos is my inspiration. I am at an intermediate standard and frequently injure myself on my guitar because my hands are too small. But it's Milos who inspires me to keep pushing myself and trying. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am now. His tone is so warm and his performances are so beautiful. He has introduced me to music from the Mediterranean, which has led to me playing Spanish music on both the guitar and piano, and I'm now also composing in these styles. While he is not a composer (sadly), I see Milos as a huge influence for my compositions. I would be on top of the world if I could ever play as well as he does <3

(for my personal-ish blog, go to where you can see my music and other things that interest me)

my own “photog” again, this time of just outside Herceg Novi in Montenegro.

Milos Karadaglic inspired me to visit this amazing place. Thank you Milos!

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